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Backman, Olof, Ake Bergmark, Felipe Estrada, Johan Fritzell, Olle Lundberg, Joakim Palme, Ola Sjoberg, Marta Szebehely.
Welfare Trends in Sweden: Balancing the Books For the 1990s.
Bagguley, Paul, Jane Mark-Lawson, Dan Shapiro, John Urry, Sylvia Walby.
Restructuring: Place, Class and Gender.
Battle, Ken, Michael Mendelson.
Benefits For Children: A Four Country Study.
Belous, Richard S.
Human Resource Flexibility and Equity: Difficult Questions For Business, Labor, And Government.
Bernstein, Jared, Lawrence Mishel, Heidi Shierholz.
The State of the Working America 2008/2009.
Bracke, Piet, Wendy Christiaens, Naomi Wauterickx.
The Pivotal Role of Women in Informal Care.
Clayton, A., R. Mitchell.
Study on Employment Situations and Worker Protection in Australia: A Report to the International Labour Office.
Darmon, Isabelle, Carlos Frade.
New Modes of Business Organization and Precarious Employment: Towards the Recommodification of Labour?
Doogan, K.
Insecurity and Long-Term Employment.
Esping-Andersen, Gosta.
The Three Political Economies of the Welfare State.
Goodman, Roger, Ito Peng.
The East Asian Welfare States: Peripatetic Learning, Adaptive Change, And Nation-Building.
Hakim, Catherine.
Workforce Restructuring: Social Insurance Coverage and the Black Economy.
Hassim, Shireen.
Global Constraints on Gender Equality in Care Work.
International Labour Office.
Report of the Director-General: Reducing the Decent Work Deficit - A Global Challenge.
Jenson, Jane.
Against the Tide. Childcare in Quebec.
Keefe, Janice.
Supporting Caregivers and Caregiving in an Aging Canada.
Knijn, Trudie, Frits van Wel.
The Labor Market Orientation of Single Mothers on Welfare in the Netherlands.
McKay, S., D. Smeaton.
Working After State Pension Age: Quantitative Analysis. Department For Work and Pensions.
Pulkingham, Jane.
Remaking the Social Divisions of Welfare: Gender, Dependency, And UI Reform.
Quadagno, Jill S.
The Color of Welfare: How Racism Undermined the War on Poverty.

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