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Adams, Valerie, Julie A. Nelson.
The Economics of Nursing: Articulating Care.
Ajayi-Obe, O., S. C. Parker.
The Changing Nature of Work Among the Self-Employed in the 1990s: Evidence From Britain.
Allen, John, Nick Henry.
Ulrich Beck's Risk Society at Work: Labour and Employment in the Contract Service Industries.
Allsop, Judith, Ivy Lynn Bourgeault, Julia Evetts, Kathryn Jones, Thomas Le Bianic, Sirpa Wrede.
Encountering Globalization Professional Groups in an International Context.
Aoyama, Yuko, Manuel Castells.
Paths Towards the Informational Society: Employment Structure in g7 Countries, 1920-90.
Arrowsmith, James.
Temporary Agency Work in an Enlarged European Union.
Ashton, David N.
Sources of Variation in Labour Market Segmentation: A Comparison of Youth Labour Markets in Canada and Britain.
Atkinson, John.
Flexibility or Fragmentation?: The United Kingdom Labour Market in the Eighties.
Bagguley, Paul, Jane Mark-Lawson, Dan Shapiro, John Urry, Sylvia Walby.
Restructuring: Place, Class and Gender.
Bagguley, Paul, Sylvia Walby.
Sex Segregation in Local Labour Markets.
Bamford, Claire, Angela Dale.
Temporary Workers: Cause For Concern or Complacency?
Barbier, Jean-Claude, Isabelle Darmon, N. Dull, C. Frade, L. Frey, M. Laparra, R. Lindley, K. Vogler-Ludwig.
Managing Labour Market Related Risks in Europe: Policy Implications.
Bardasi, E., M. Francesconi.
The Impact of Atypical Employment on Individual Wellbeing: Evidence From a Panel of British Workers.
Barnes, Colin, Geof Mercer.
Disability, Work, And Welfare: Challenging the Social Exclusion of Disabled People.
Batnitzky, Adina, Sarah Dyer, Linda McDowell.
Division, Segmentation, And Interpellation: The Embodied Labors of Migrant Workers in a Greater London Hotel.
Battle, Ken, Michael Mendelson.
Benefits For Children: A Four Country Study.
Beaumont, P. B.
Structural Change and Industrial Relations: The United Kingdom.
Benoit, Cecilia, Susan F. Murray, Jane Sandall, Edwin R. van Teijlingen, Rachel Westfall, Sirpa Wrede.
Social Service Professional or Market Expert?
Bernas, C.
Precarious England, Labor Flexibility at Work.
Beynon, H., D. Grimshaw, J. Rubery, K. Ward.
Working Time, Industrial Relations and the Employment Relationship.

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