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Bohle, Philip, Claire Mayhew, Michael Quinlan.
The Global Expansion of Precarious Employment, Work Disorganization, And Consequences For Occupational Health: Placing the Debate in a Comparative Historical Context.
Booth, A. L., M. Francesconi, J. Frank.
Temporary Jobs: Stepping Stones or Dead Ends?
Bosch, Gerhard, Claudia Weinkopf.
Low-Wage Work in Germany.
Bosworth, D.
Employment Contracts, Job Tenure and Work Histories: Precarious Employment in the UK.
Brosnan, P., Iain Campbell.
Relative Advantages: Casual Employment and Casualisation in Australia and New Zealand.
Burgess, John, Iain Campbell.
The Nature and Dimensions of Precarious Employment in Australia.(Precarious Employment).
Burri, Susanne D.
The Netherlands: Precarious Employment in a Context of Flexicurity.
Cam, S., J. Purcell, S. Tailby.
Contingent Employment in the UK.
Campbell, Iain, Baxter Janeen, Gillian Whitehouse.
Australia: Casual Employment, Part-Time Employment and the Resilience of the Male-Breadwinner Model.
Campbell, Iain, Martha MacDonald, Leah F. Vosko.
Gender and the Contours of Precarious Employment.
Campbell, Iain, Martha MacDonald, Leah F. Vosko.
Introduction: Gender and the Concept of Precarious Employment.
Carre, Francoise, James Heintz.
The United States: Different Sources of Precariousness in a Mosaic of Employment Arrangements.
Carter, John, S. Fenton, T. Madood.
Ethnicity and Academia: Closure Models, Racism Models and Market Models.
Castel, Robert.
Et Maintenant, Le 'Precariat'...
Charles, N., E. James.
Gender and Work Orientations in Conditions of Job Insecurity.
Chatigny, C., K. Messing, J. Riel, A. M. Seifert.
Precarious Employment Conditions Affect Work Content in Education and Social Work: Results of Work Analyses.
Clark, C., Grant Schellenberg.
Temporary Employment in Canada: Profiles, Patterns and Policy Considerations.
Clark, Lisa, Leah F. Vosko.
Canada: Gendered Precariousness and Social Reproduction.
Clement, Wallace, Sophie Mathieu, Steven Prus, Emre Uckardesler.
Precarious Lives in the New Economy: Comparative Intersectional Analysis.
Clement, Wallace, Steven Prus.
The Vocabulary of Gender and Work: Some Challenges and Insight From Comparative Research.

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