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Lippel, Katherine.
Precarious Employment and Occupational Health and Safety Regulation in Quebec.
Lissenburgh, S., D. Smeaton.
Employment Transitions of Older Workers: The Role of Flexible Employment in Maintaining Labour Market Participation and Promoting Job Quality.
Lundequist, K., J. Ottosson.
Deltidsarbetsloshet  I Sverige -  en  Kartlaggning.
MacDonald, Martha.
Spatial Dimensions of Gendered Precariousness: Challenges For Comparative Analysis.
Macinnes, John.
Spain: Continuity and Change in Precarious Employment.
Macinnes, John, Tizana Nazio, Jacqueline O'Reilly, Jose M. Rochie.
The United Kingdom: From Flexible Employment to Vulnerable Workers.
McGovern, P.
Immigration, Labour Markets and Employment Relations: Problems and Prospects.
McGregor, J.
Joining the BBC (British Bottom Cleaners): Zimbabwean Migrants and the UK Care Industry.
McKay, S., D. Smeaton.
Working After State Pension Age: Quantitative Analysis. Department For Work and Pensions.
Michie, J., M. Sheehan.
Labour Market Deregulation: 'Flexibility and Innovation'.
Mitter, Swasti.
Common Fate, Common Bond: Women in the Global Economy.
Modena, Francesca, Fabio Sabatini.
I Would if I Could: Precarious Employment and Childbearing Intentions in Italy.
Nardone, Thomas, Anne E. Polivka.
On the Definition of 'Contingent Work'.
O'Connor, J. S.
Precarious Employment and Income Security in the Employment Anchored Social Policy Framework of the European Union.
O'Connor, J. S.
Precarious Employment in Ireland in the Context of the European Employment Strategy.
O'Connor, Julia S.
Ireland: Precarious Employment in the Context of the European Employment Strategy.
Paugam, S.
Poverty and Social Disqualification: A Comparative Analysis of Cumulative Social Disadvantage in Europe.
Paugam, S., Y. Zhou.
Job Insecurity.
Payne, C., J. Payne.
Unemployment and Peripheral Work.
Perrons, D.
Living With Risk: Labour Market Transformation, Employment Policies and Social Reproduction in the UK.

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