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Fevre, Ralph.
Employment Insecurity and Social Theory: The Power of Nightmares.
Forde, C., G. Slater.
Agency Working in Britain: Character, Consequences and Regulation.
Freier, Ronny, Viktor Steiner.
Marginal Employment and the Demand For Heterogenous Labour: Empirical Evidence From a Multi-Factor Labour Demand Model For Germany.
Fudge, Judy.
Precarious Work and Families.
Fuller, Sylvia.
Investigating Longitudinal Dimensions of Precarious Employment: Conceptual and Practical Issues.
Furlong, A., P. Kelly.
The Brazilianisation of Youth Transitions in Australia and the UK?
Gottfried, Heidi.
Japan: The Reproductive Bargain and the Making of Precarious Employment.
Green, Francis.
Temporary Work and Insecurity in Britain: A Problem Solved?
Head, Jeremy, Rosemary Lucas.
Employee Relations in the Non-Union Hotel Industry: A Case of 'determined Opportunism'?
Hewison, K., A. L. Kalleberg.
Precarious work and The Challenge for Asia.
Hill, S., P. McGovern, D. Smeaton.
Bad Jobs in Britain.
Hunter, R.
The Legal Production of Precarious Work.
Hyde, A.
Employment Law After the Death of Employment.
International Labour Office.
Report of the Director-General: Reducing the Decent Work Deficit - A Global Challenge.
Jonsson, Inger, Anita Nyberg.
Sweden: Precarious Work and Precarious Unemployment.
Keller, Bernd, Hartmut Seifert.
Atypical Employment and Flexicurity.
Kofman, Yelizavetta, Ching K. Lee.
The Politics of Precarity Views Beyond the United States.
Leeross, D.
Attitudes and Work Motivation of Subgroups of Seasonal Hotel Workers.
Leighton, Patricia.
Marginal Workers.
Leighton, P., R. W. Painter.
Who Are Vulnerable Workers?

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