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Perusse, Dominique.
Regional Disparities and Non-Permanent Employment.
Pissarides, C. A., J. Wadsworth.
On-The-Job Search - Some Empirical-Evidence From Britain.
Platman, K.
Portfolio Careers' and the Search For Flexibility in Later Life.
Polivka, Anne E.
Contingent and Alternative Work Arrangements, Defined.
Pollert, Anna.
Farewell to Flexibility.
Purcell, J., K. Purcell, S. Tailby.
Temporary Work Agencies: Here Today, Gone Tomorrow.
Rodriguez, E.
Marginal Employment and Health in Britain and Germany: Does Unstable Employment Predict Health?
Shields, J. M., Susan Silver, Sue Wilson.
Job Restructuring and Worker Displacement: Does Gender Matter?
Tailby, S.
Agency and Bank Nursing in the UK National Health Service.
Tangian, Andranik S.
Is Flexible Work Precarious? A Study Based on the 4th European Survey of Working Conditions 2005.
Taylor, P., P. Urwin.
Age and Participation in Vocational Education and Training.
Tilly, Chris.
Half a Job: Bad and Good Part-Time Jobs in a Changing Labour Market.
Trades Unions Congress.
Hard Work, Hidden Lives Full Report of the Commission on Vulnerable Workers.
Urwin, P.
Age Matters: A Review of Existing Survey Evidence, Department For Trade and Industry.
Valiani, Salimah.
Analysis, Solidarity, Action: A Workers' Perspective on the Increasing Use of Migrant Labour in Canada.
Vosko, Leah F.
Managing the Margins: Gender, Citizenship and the International Regulation of Precarious Employment.
Vosko, Leah F.
Managing the Margins: Gender, Citizenship, And the International Regulation of Precarious Employment.
Vosko, Leah F.
Gender, Precarious Work, And the International Labour Code: The Ghost in the ILO Closet.
Vosko, Leah F.
Precarious Employment: Towards an Improved Understanding of Labour Market Insecurity.
Vosko, Leah F.
Precarious Employment: Understanding Labour Market Insecurity in Canada.

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